When all the countries in the world are linked come lived to a cluster with rapid prominence at globalization, the need at effective communication in the sense of English Academy bloomed in the pearl of the Indian ocean grew up leaps and bounds proving the motto “ nothing is impossible” indeed; , absolutely it is BWEA.

Untiring effort focused towards the mission of originating fluent English speakers , acclaimed all over the world , inspiring foreign educational establishments to be combined with B.W.E.A. see , together we stand !

We are in the age of the ‘global village’ and, as English has become the international language of business and commerce, the need for Sri Lankans to possess a comprehensive knowledge of English, both to improve their own career potential and to increase the local and national economy of Sri Lanka, has never been greater.

.........We at BWEA have a long, distinguished history of producing confident, fluent speakers of English, thus proving our motto – “Nothing is Impossible”.

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